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WHPB of Wenchang 13-2 Oilfield is Successfully Put into Operation


A few days ago, COOEC finished the tie-back work of B13H and B14 Wells on WHPB of Wenchang 13-2 Oilfield, and successfully fulfilled the objective of putting the platform into operation within 2019.

Wenchang 13-2 WHPB is a newly-built four-leg jacket wellhead platform, with totally 18 well slots set (including four single-wellbore double wells). Wenchang Sea Area is about 117 m. Due to the influences of frequent typhoon, strong monsoon, severe environment, specific problems in construction and uncertainty in construction time, the Company carried out predictive analysis, accurate calculation and rational arrangement and implementation, to effectively guarantee that the platform can be put into operation in advance.

Photo: NDT Personnel Carrying out PAUT on Welded Junction