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Smooth Completion of Dome Pouring of Zhejiang LNG Receiving Station Phase II Project


Recently, the dome pouring of F Tank of Zhejiang LNG Receiving Station Phase II Project has been completed smoothly, which indicates that the dome pouring of all the three tanks are smoothly completed, laying a solid foundation for subsequent steel structure of domes.

About 3,400m3 of concrete were poured for F tank, adopting the method of pouring in rings and lasting 16 days with 5 rings. Dome pouring was a key item in LNG storage tank construction, with many difficulties of high degree, involving high altitude and being greatly affected by weather factors. The project team evaluated the risks in advance, strictly controlled the process, constantly optimized the construction plan during the construction to increase the wholeness of dome concrete structure and the anti-seismic property of structure, and meanwhile, greatly accelerated the construction progress and saved achievements, ensuring the safe and smooth completion of pouring.

Figure: Zhejiang LNG Receiving Station Phase II Project